Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Just wanted to update my blog today , as i know it has been awhile again. Some news for those who know my son Danny .He and His Fiance Krista decided to move home with us for awhile :)
So Jimmy and i took the Drive down to WV to get them and bring them back.They have been home for a bit over a month now.It's been hard on Krista though.I know she says she likes it here,but it shows that she is still pretty home sick too.Which is understandable.

Well still working on finishing various projects.I finally got a few pics taken of some of the projects i have been working on such as the baby blanket that i came up with my own design for the trim that i had been wanting but couldn't find a pattern for.So i used a combination of single crochet and double crochet.
Still can't find allot of the knifty Knitter patterns to help me make some blankets on the new long looms.I have made a few baby hats with the round looms but some of them never turn out.cant quite figure out what i am doing wrong .I know it has something to do with that piece of yarn that you attach to the outside peg to hold the yarn while you are working.

I have even been trying to teach Krista crochet.She really is picking it up fast.She picked up the single crochet right away the first time i showed her.Danny is talking about picking crochet back up too.I would really like that.someone to share my love of crochet.

I need to seriously de-stash some of the yarn i if any one is interested let me know.I also plan to post pics of the skeins i am going to sell.I don't know how to do paypal so it would have to be money orders.But I have lots of nice yarn such as baby yarns , lion brand,etc i even have partial skeins for those of you who like the "scrap " yarns I also think i am going to get rid of some of my pattern and magizine books as i will never make some of the things in them.I have alot of clothing ones that i have just never been interested in.Doilys ,etc etc.You can contact me through here by leaving a comment or just email me at
just put in the header Yarn for sale.Let me know what it is you are looking for and i will let you know if i have it.Otherwise like i said i will be posting more in the next day or two once i start going through it.I will also be listing it on for those who go there.
well take care everyone and
Love and crochet hugs to all