Thursday, July 24, 2008

Some things i've been up to

Well all ,
As i said in my previous post,i have had allot going on in the last few months both physically and in general.So although i would have liked to get some more large projects done i just haven't been up to it much.That's not to say that i didn't get anything done. I have finished a couple of the larger projects like my nieces Christmas present from last year.YUP that's right i said LAST year.I feel so bad that it took me so long to get it done.I swear they are all getting gift certificates for Christmas this year LOL.

I also finished a couple of baby blankets and sent them out to the charities that i belong to.Though i haven't made any new blankets in awhile for them.I instead have been trying to learn to use the new knifty knitter looms to make baby hats .I also bought myself the long knifty knitter looms that you use to make blankets and such with hoping that maybe it would not only go faster,but easier for me to learn and master the steps.

As i am still a new crocheter and am still having allot of problems learning the craft all on my own. For instance the Raggedy Ann and Andy afghan kit i bought.I got so frustrated with the fact that i couldn't figure out how to do the color changes i put it down up until the other day and i am just now trying to tackle it again . I had to rip the whole thing out it looked terrible.

Though i only have a few rows done it does look better this time around.I started watching knit and crochet today or something like that . It 's the crochet show on t.v. with the lady that plays "Blair" on one of the day time soaps.

That did help quite a bit.It's more the learning to try to maneuver the yarn to do what it is i need it to do.LOL.
I also finished the loofahs and the wash cloth's i wanted to do.Though i must say that i am not too impressed with the loofah's .In fact i ended up throwing mine out.I don't know if it's just how hard our water is which wouldn't surprise me but the thing never seamed to lather up nice nor did it ever want to get dry .It just wound up getting all yucky.So i just finally threw it out.

I have to get my boyfriend to take some pics of the finished projects i do have done and when i get some more done to at least the point you can tell what they are I'll have him take pictures of them too. My camera though better at taking pics finally died on me a couple of months ago.Well off to bed it is for me now.This is the most excitement i have had in months so I'm pooped out LOL

Hugs and Crochet Kisses to all,

We now return to our regular scheduled program LOL

Hello to all of my family,friends ,and dedicated blog readers.I apologize for my lengthy time away from my blog.I have had allot going on the last few months since my last entry.I have had allot of physical problems as well as life's general ups and downs that everyone goes through from time to time. I got an infection in my Medi-port awhile back and had to have that removed,and a P.I.C.C. line in to take care of that.Boy that was no fun to take care of the wound, and the daily anti-biotics i would have to adminster, not to mention having to have some one wrap my arm all up in saran wrap just to have a shower.

I'm glad that is over with now i just got the picc line out about a week ago now.Now i just have to wait for the wound to finish healing so i can have yet another Medi-port put back in for my infusion treatments.

My infusion treatments have been moved up not only by how often i get them too but also by the milligrams too . Boy let me tell ya i thought it made me sick before.It really KICKED my little behind with the new dose.But i just take it day by day.

Though there has been allot of negative things going on in life lately,that's not to say that nothing good has been going on either though. MY son who turned 18 back in Dec moved out of his dad's house (thank god!) and I couldn't be happier that for one he is away from his dad's negative behavior ,but also that he no longer has to endure some of things he was going through.,
Danny also has met a young lady that he plans to marry in the winter.I have never met her, and though i am worried that maybe they are rushing things i am happy for him that he is happy.

I am also happy and proud of Danny that he has become so responsible and so "grown up" gosh i feel so old some days! LOL He is not only working but went out and rented a nice town house.He is working very hard to get as much as he can "on his own"

I am hoping to be up to going down to see him at Christmas .But like i told him that's a long way off so i will have to see how things are by then.

Well it feels good to be back .While it may not be possible for me to journal everyday i hope to be able to get in here and write and update all of you allot more often.

Hugs and Crochet Kisses to all!