Monday, October 27, 2008

The loss of our little Chico

On Tuesday we had to put our little fur baby Chico to sleep.To say that it broke my heart is putting it mildly.He was more than just a little dog to me . He was my little compainion,my little friend.He was the most dedicated little guy i have ever seen.For everything he endured before he came to us was unbelievable.Yet the minute we adopted him and brought him home he acted as though he had been with us since he was a puppy.We adopted him from a chihuahua rescue society about eight years ago when i had first started to become very ill with my aorta.

He had come from one of the most horrific puppy mills i had ever heard of . The things they did to these poor little animals is not just criminal it was inhumane and unthinkable.They had not only beat these little guys, they didn't even feed them properly the dogs had to fight to eat what ever pigs on the farm would let them get.

They told us at the society that they took cow prods to the females to make them breed.It made them so vicious the females all had to be put down.
My little guy came to us with dislocated hips,his knees were poped out of the sockets,he had old fractures all over .

Yet even though he endured all of this he was so sweet and never was never the type who would just be snippy for no good reason like so many of them are.He rarely barked unless of course someone came to the door or if he thought some-one was trying to do something to me.

He always knew when i was not well.He would come and either lay in my lap or right next to my side and would not budge for anything or any one.and he never wanted any one to bother me if i was ill.
I have allot of health problems as most of you already know.And one of them is epilepsy.
That poor little guy had no idea what the seizures were , only that something was very wrong and not only did always try to alert me ahead of time that they were coming , but he would really flip out when they were happening because of course my family would need to help me to make sure i was ok and he didn't know allot of the time if they were trying to help or hurt me so he would get so freaked out that some of the time my family would either have to put him in another room or put him in his kennel.

The reason he was put down was because he had gotten his whole leg ligament torn from the middle of his thigh all the way to his little knee.
But we also found out that he had diabetes (though that was mild) He had a severe infection some where in his little body though the doctor wasn't sure where.
He thinks he had cancer , and possibly bone cancer.
He stopped eating for days and couldn't walk , he even stopped going to the bathroom at all for almost a week.
Though i knew it was the right thing to do , as i couldn't stand to hear him whimper in pain.It still was one of the hardest things i have ever had to do in my life.
I just wish there was something more i could have done for him.
He will forever be in our thoughts and hearts.
I love you forever my little one....

Behind again.. Ugh

I know i am really behind again on my posts.I have been pretty busy lately .Not with just life in general,but trying to get the "small " projects finished,but now i am trying to figure out what i am going to be doing for the upcoming holidays.I don't want to try large complicated projects like last year as i ran out of time and most of the family didn't get there gifts.I felt so badly about that.

I also have been trying to still sort through my entire stash.Not just yarn , but magazines,hooks , pattern books etc etc.Most of it is going to need to go to pay off some medical bills.I am in dire need of money to pay them and for some of my monthly prescriptions that my insurance company no longer will pay.I also have a very important test i have to have and for whatever reason my health insurance won't pay for it.It's really sad the way health insurance is now a days.To think some one sits behind a desk that has no medical training what so ever is making life or death decisions for people.
It's not even like i have an HMO or anything.Then i might even understand it.
It's terrible to think of all the money it costs to have this insurance only to have them continually cut every thing back and deny , deny , deny.

I should have some of the pictures posted by the end of the day of the yarn , patterns etc.Most likely won't have it all posted since there is ALLOT to be posted.But i will do my best to get as much posted as i can .I PROMISE LOL.
I also have some finished projects to post their pictures too.

Again, IF anyone is interested in buying any of the yarn etc.You can contact me one of two ways to let me know. Either email at
or you can simply just leave me a comment on this post and i will get your message.If you choose to email me, please put in the subject line , yarn for sale.
To the Lady who has already contacted me about the baby yarn, could you please email me again, i accidently deleted the email.sorry.