Monday, October 27, 2008

Behind again.. Ugh

I know i am really behind again on my posts.I have been pretty busy lately .Not with just life in general,but trying to get the "small " projects finished,but now i am trying to figure out what i am going to be doing for the upcoming holidays.I don't want to try large complicated projects like last year as i ran out of time and most of the family didn't get there gifts.I felt so badly about that.

I also have been trying to still sort through my entire stash.Not just yarn , but magazines,hooks , pattern books etc etc.Most of it is going to need to go to pay off some medical bills.I am in dire need of money to pay them and for some of my monthly prescriptions that my insurance company no longer will pay.I also have a very important test i have to have and for whatever reason my health insurance won't pay for it.It's really sad the way health insurance is now a days.To think some one sits behind a desk that has no medical training what so ever is making life or death decisions for people.
It's not even like i have an HMO or anything.Then i might even understand it.
It's terrible to think of all the money it costs to have this insurance only to have them continually cut every thing back and deny , deny , deny.

I should have some of the pictures posted by the end of the day of the yarn , patterns etc.Most likely won't have it all posted since there is ALLOT to be posted.But i will do my best to get as much posted as i can .I PROMISE LOL.
I also have some finished projects to post their pictures too.

Again, IF anyone is interested in buying any of the yarn etc.You can contact me one of two ways to let me know. Either email at
or you can simply just leave me a comment on this post and i will get your message.If you choose to email me, please put in the subject line , yarn for sale.
To the Lady who has already contacted me about the baby yarn, could you please email me again, i accidently deleted the email.sorry.

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