Monday, November 17, 2008


Good morning all

well , we have two new furbabies in the family.They are a male and female chihuahua's.coco the male is four years old and the female Febe is three.

coco is a full size chi and Febe is a tea cup.We just got them on thursday.

We hadn't intended to go looking for a new dog or anything as we are still getting over the loss of our beloved chico.Whom we still miss and think of each and every day.

But my sister Joy (Thanks sis :) ) saw an ad on craigs list about three chihuahua's .

She called me and sent me the link.I wasn't even going to look at it.But for some reason,maybe just curiosity,i did.They were adorable and i started to read about them.You could hear the agony in the woman's heart just by reading the ad .She was going through a divorce and was having to give them up due to a move where she couldn't have them.

She was going to have them put down if she couldn't find a good loving home for them.

as she would rather do that ,then the thought of having them go to a shelter and being cooped up in a cage til god knows when.

I really felt for her.I talked to paul about it and we decided to call her about them.

when we first called her she said they all had to go together .I just couldn't imagine three dogs.Especially with my health the way it is.

We thought about it and decided to meet them and her and go from there.We decided there was no harm in checking them out.

By the time we did go meet them . she had found a place where she could take one of them . so she did keep one.I fell in love with these two.Didn't mean to , just happened that way.

The rest is history!

The little one is such a little baby,she wants to be carried EVERYWHERE! LOL

coco is soooo protective of me and doesn't tolerate very easily many men and especially around me.though suprisingly he took to paul instantly.

well here's a picture of them, i want to get some more soon and i will post them when i do.

crochet hugs,


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  1. Aww, they are downright adorable! I love chocolate/tan chihuahua's. It's such a beautiful coat color. :) I came across your blog looking for things to crochet. Kind of shocking because I didn't think a lot of blogs got into the search engine. :)