Monday, November 17, 2008


Good morning all,
I have decided to reduce the price for some of the yarn.I really need to sell these as i need to get my prescriptions as i am almost out! I also have medical bills stacking up .
so here goes:
1.The baby coridinates sweet stripes yarns are all 1.50 a skein each.
2.For the caron pounder i would be willing to take 3.50
3.for the "jenny " baby yarn i would take 2.50 a skein
4.for the PomPom kits i would take 2.50 a kit
5.for the mint pound of love yarn i would take 3.50
6.for the pink pound of love i would take 2.50 for it
7.for the red heart skeins of multi color blue or purple i would take 1.00 a skein
8.The lion brand kit is sold
9.for the lot of crochet thread i will take 30.00 for the whole lot.

*just a note about payment,i will except Postal money orders or , if you would rather, you could pay me by moneygram and i will take off the small fee they would charge you from the price of the yarn.
Thank you.

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