Saturday, January 12, 2008

I Got an Early Birthday Present!

My birthday isn't until January the 17th ,but my Boyfriend was nice sweet enough to get me an early birthday present.I have been struggling with trying to make hats both for babies and i want to make some Chemo hats too for a hospital that i go to for infusion treatments for Genetic Lung disorder.There is such a need there for donations of Chemo hats for the cancer patients.Anyways, My boyfriend knew i had been looking at diffrent Knitting looms, Knitting machines etc.That i thought might help me until i can learn to crochet hats.So He went out and bought me a "knitting machine" now it won't make baby hats like i know he had hoped it would.And actually until i got a chance to look through the instructions i too thought you could make baby hats.but that's ok.I still can make adult hats,scarves,even purses, sweaters and allot more.

I need to have him sit down with me and go over how to actually use it as the instructions are what i would call "guy" instructions.By this i mean they are the diagram type instructions.I have never been that good with those kind of instructions.
I am trying to find out if there are patterns on the internet for these machines some where.I am sure there are as i have found patterns for the Kniffty knitting looms that i had looked at.

I made some home made soap .I used the recipe that i got out of that craft magazine i had posted previously about.It turned out so yummy i am thinking about making some more.They really are easy to make . I decided to use cocoa as the "scent" There almost too pretty to use.I think i may make extra just to "display " in the bathroom along with some crocheted "Just for the guests hand towels and washcloths" i'm going to make .I also made myself a loofah.It came out ok i guess though i can't figure out why it didn't come out as good as the previous ones i have made.

Still not feeling all that well , and i am STILL waiting to get into the specialist about my legs and i must say i am starting to get impatient about it too.I think i have waited long enough.Even if he is a specialist.

I wanted to mention, I still have two spots left for the Pay It Forward. (see Pay It Forward Post to see what all the fun is about if you don't already know)

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