Saturday, January 19, 2008

Swap Swap Gals

I want to join Lisa's new swap group Called Swap Swap Gal's . In order to do this one of the things i need to do is answer some questions and post them on my blog so here goes:
What are my hobbies? Well obviously i like to crochet,but i also enjoy reading true crime books and other non-fiction books, I like to play online games at,I like to play cards,i enjoy writing in journals,though i haven't done it in awhile now.I like to write poetry.

What crafts do you do? at this point only crochet really.Though i have started to take an interest in soap making and i received a knitting machine that i hope that i will learn to use.

Favorite colors? I love purples,pinks,pastels,pretty much anything but green

Favorite animal? That's a hard one as i love dogs and cats. I have a little chihuahua that i love dearly and he' s my little buddy.

All dislikes:I don't like French vanilla flavoring of any kind eeww, I am allergic to wool,and banana's,I don't like anything with nuts in it,I don't like the color green,I don't like novelty yarn i just can't work with it.

Favorite candies? pretty much anything chocolate .i love chocolate.but i can't eat the dark chocolate due to a heart condition(it elevates my heart rate too much) I also like the chewy sweet tarts love those!

Favorite smell goods? Vanilla,cocoa,strawberry,coconut,coffee,orange,peppermint,peach

Anything else you may or may not like?
Would love to receive a round ripple afghan (i know that's a tall order,but i have tried and tried to make one and just cant),I like tea cups and anything that has them on them,note paper etc,I like stationary,snail mail,hand made book marks,love those cute bed dolls,doily's,journals,fat bottom bag or any bag to carry my crochet stuff in to make trips back and forth to the hospital easier when i get my treatments,a handmade purse would be cute,any wood hooks in sizes f through I,a warm sweater for my chihuahua,bubble bath.I think that's about it! LOL

I am sure some of you who are not into this sort of thing are probably wondering what this is all about.well a swap is basically a gift exchange except you know who your partner will be.Thus the reason for filling out this survey to let your partner know your likes and dislikes. If you would like to check out Lisa's crochet swap site check it out here: swap swap gals
One of the requirements though of the swap is that you also must have a blog.It doesn't have to be on blogger you just have to have one.
this sounds like so much fun and i can't wait to join in on the fun!

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  1. Yay Dawn is getting ready to start swapping, glad you join us wonderful ladies :)