Saturday, January 26, 2008

Well now i've gone and done it uggh

So i sat down to finally make my first baby hat with my knitting machine.Actually my first project at all with the exception of some practice things.Anyways , i was almost to the end just about to the point where you take the hat off the machine when all of a sudden i hear POP! I knew even before i looked.A needle broke right off! I'm so mad at that damn machine i don't know weather i want to scream or cry.:( so i guess that's the end of that.Oh well.It was a pain in the behind to use anyways and it certainly wasn't saving me any time constantly having to rip it all out every time it would drop a stitch. (which was allot)

so i guess it's back to teaching my self to make hats doing it by crochet.which don't get me wrong i love my crochet.I just thought this would be a nice way to get some done quickly when i wanted to, plus i thought it would be something to do during the times i get burnt out on my crocheting.Even though i love my crocheting , i still need a break now and then.

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