Friday, January 4, 2008

Ideas For New Projects

Well as i said In my previous post,I haven't been well over the last several days so needless to say i haven't even thought about picking up a crochet needle,I got a few crochet magazines from Meijer's while out looking for a winter coat.I was really excited to find them as i have never been able to find anything but "Crochet!" magazine and some times that's hard to come by.I have scoured my local craft stores and bookstores for crochet magazines and they never carried anything but that one magazine.They always have ton's of scrap booking and knitting magazines but never crochet.Anyways, well today i finally feel a little better so i started thumbing through them.I am In the mood to make some preemie baby blankies and perhaps some really easy valentines things.
Well I found a pattern in "Crochet" magazine for a preemie blanket that i think would go well for a boy or a girl(it's on page 18)

It looks pretty interesting too.You don't start out with the regular foundation chain.Instead they have you start out by chaining 2,yo,insert hook in 2nd ch from hook,Yo,pull loop through ,yo,pull through 1loop in ch. I have never worked with a pattern that does this and not a "start chain." so I'm thinking of making this one.It also has the measurements for other size babies too.which is nice because alot of times the stitch guide isn't given on preemie blankets for other sizes.

They also have an adorable pattern for what the call "cottontail cuddlers"
It's an adorable "bunny ears" hat and matching mittens.I have never made a baby hat before.Not to say that i haven't tried many times but since i am new to working in the "rounds" i still struggle with where to put all of my stitches but I'm definetly going to put this at the top of my to do list as soon as i have some one actually show me how to make hats.

I also picked up a magazine called "Crafts 'n Things" I had never seen this magazine before or if i have i guess i never really paid any attention to it not knowing that it contained a section for crochet patterns as well as rubber stamping,soap making , and ton's of other crafts.I must say,though i never had considered learning anything but crochet,but after looking at some of the other projects in there, i think i might actually like to learn how to make my own soaps.They have the easiest instructions for doing it i have ever seen,And they don't require you to invest in allot of equipment or money for the projects. I had a friend some years ago that used to make her own candles and soaps and she had all of this equipment and huge blocks of "glycerin soap" etc etc. i was like man that's too much work!

So anyways, I think i may just have to check my local Hobby lobby out and see if they have some of the supplies to make these adorable "conversation heart candy" soaps for valentines day.I think it would be fun.They also had super simple bath salt and candle instructions too for valentines day.

The one thing I'm definetly going to make is a baby girls blanket on page 37 it's beautiful.It's white with a cute pink ruffle.Most of the pattern looks to be super simple as it's mainly Sc and Dc
they only thing that will be a new challenge to me will be a stitch called "SC2tog"
I know i have seen that in other patterns before and i always skipped making those patterns since they never would tell you how to do that stitch,But now that this pattern tells me how to do it.It really doesn't look that hard.The ruffle looks a bit challenging too.But i don't think (and i hope lol)It's nothing i can't do if i pay attention to what I'm doing and i don't rush i should be fine.

Crochet World Magazine has a cute "super market" bag pattern on page 10 It's made with white cotton yarn and pink trim with cute hearts you crochet and attach and in the center of the hearts they put little flower buttons that have smiley faces.I have never made a bag or purse before either but i think this is also something i want to put on my learn to do list.Though i think i would rather use it as a purse.It's too cute for the grocery store! LOL

I'm still looking for some Easy valentines day patterns for things like pot holders,refrigerator magnets,coasters,afghans,etc.

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