Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lot's to do!

I started work on the raggedy ann and andy afghan today and it is proving to be tougher than i thought it would be.It's not the stitches them selves as they are a simple sc . It's the way you have to try to carry the colors you are switching back and forth between over the top of your stitches.I'm not used to this and i am having a hard time doing this.I guess i'm just not that coordinated i guess.It is not looking as nice as it should when i try to do it.I am afraid to just cut the yarn and weave in the ends as they don't give you any extra yarn for this and i don't want to run out.I have only done like two rows of the pattern where the color changes come in.for a total of seven rows all together.Maybe there is a video that is out there some where on the net that could show me an easier way to do this i will have to search it out.As i am really wanting to do this afghan and i know i can do it.If i just figure out the right way to do these color changes.

We are going to be getting our partners for the kitchen swap on crochetville either tonight or tomorrow.I had forgotten about signing up for it.
I'm looking forward to doing another swap the holiday one was fun.But i am now starting to fall behind on my projects so I guess i need to maybe put the raggedy ann and any afghan aside for a little while and maybe just work on it one day on the weekends or something as i have WAY too much catching up to do.I still have to get my sisters blanket done,finish my nieces blanket,get my son's RR started,I still haven't gotten any scarves done either for the scarf drive for Crafting for a cause.though if i can figure out this goofy machine of mine the knitting one i got ,it would go so much faster, i could do several of them in a day and get caught up pretty fast.Plus now i am going to have to start my projects for the kitchen swap as soon as i get my partner.
whew,guess i better get off here and get some work done!

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  1. Can't wait to see the progress on your dolls and the RR for your son. I love seeing Round Ripple FOs!