Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thank You For Making My Day

I never started crocheting for charity to receive a pat on the back or any thing of the sort.I started doing this work to give back to others and to hopefully bring a bit of happiness to others.In turn the only thing i ever hoped to gain was a sense of accomplishment.But i must admit lately i had been feeling a bit discouraged.Not because of any one other than my own personal feelings that I'm not able to do "enough" I have been trying so hard in the last couple of months to learn new skills and learn how to make things other than just blankets.But it just seemed the harder i tried the further i fell behind.Not only was i not able to learn to make some of the "project"s i wanted to learn to make , but by spending so much time trying to learn to make other things such as hats,baby bonnets etc i wasn't working on the blankets i do know how to make. So therefore NOTHING got done this month for my charities.Though i did get two blankets done for a young lady friend of my son's who i know really could use them as her family isn't giving her any i do feel good that i got at least that much done. I get discouraged sometimes too lately when i look at all of the wonderful work and things that my fellow crocheter's are able to do .Some of these ladies (and gentlemen) have been crocheting for just as long as i have (about 6 months now) some for even shorter lengths of time than me.That was really getting to me.I felt like so why Can't i do these things ? Why can't i make so many things in such a short time too? Then My little sister posted a comment on my blog that i would like to share here,this is what she had to say;

WOW!!! I am your little sister but if I was your big sister I would be
little in the shadow of all that
you have and are accomplisihng with your life.I read what you wrote about being disabled and to those of you who don't know Dawn or haven't known her long she's amazing!I never have nor do I
currenlty see her as disabled. The reason is not that she isn't, it's that even though she is, you don't notice because of all the things she has been and is able to do. And one of the most inspiring things about her is she never lays down & wallows in what she can't do but instead gets up and shows me and the world what she can do.
I am very proud of you and the work you put into this & all the wonderful things you make.Love, Christie

I sat there and just bawled my eyes out when i read this.It was so kind of her to say these things.It made me realize not only that i have been being too hard on myself lately,but she is right, i am not one to sit and wallow in my own b.s.It was time for me to pull my self up by the boot straps and stop feeling sorry for myself.It was time for me to realize that anything worth doing or learning for that matter is worth taking the time to do so.I have come this far learning mainly on my own and when i really take a step back and look at what i have learned and accomplished in just a few short months i should feel proud of my self and grateful.Christie ,you really made my day and gave me the motivation i needed to pull myself out of this slump and get back to work doing what i love so much!The rest will come in time if i stay at it. I guess i just need to learn to be more patient with all of this.I Also want to take the time to thank all of you who not only take the time to stop by and read my blog,but to those of you who have left me kind comments also,and for those who have sent me "beginner Pattern,lent me help and advise.It is all very much appreciated! To my sister,Thank you so much for always knowing the right things to say when i am feeling down and for giving me a kick in the pants when i need it,lol but most importantly.. Thank you for being such a great sister to me and for truly Making my day.... I love ya sis.

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