Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Well i finally settled on a pattern for my son's blanket.I am going to try to do a Round Ripple For those who have never heard of these or seen how neat they are take a look at this one at Gail's blog.
Round Ripple

Now of course the one i am going to make for him is not going to be a spider man one LOL It is going to be in camouflage but it will be the same shape.I am hoping he will like it and that he won't think it looks feminine.I have seen these done in various different color combos and they looked great.I have seen them done in very masculine colors and they looked just fine.But he's 18 and you know how young men can be.

The above pattern isn't the pattern I'm going to be using.I am going to be using a woman's pattern from crochetville.org the crochet message board i belong to.She is from Australia i believe.Very nice lady.Her pattern seems very easy to follow too.

I am asking for permission from Aggie May to post her pattern.As i would love to share it with all of you.It seems like it will be a great beginners pattern.
I am going to be starting the Raggedy Ann & Andy afghan today as long as i have time.I have a physical therapist,Nurse etc coming over today to do some assessments for me to see if there is anything they could do for physical therapy for me to improve my legs and to see if they could help out with getting around better.They are also going to see if they can get me a few things i need like an electric wheel chair, a wheel chair ramp for the front of the house, an orthopedic hospital bed rather than this old relic i have for right now,they also are going to look into getting me a medical alert thing.(the thing you were and if you need medical help etc you push the button and they call an ambulance etc.They are also going to see about getting me a certified nurses aid or helper of some sort since for one i am home all alone for many hours.some times as much as 13-14 hours.

and i have a need to have some one take me here and there such as the store, doctors apts etc.as i obviously don't drive anymore.
It would be nice just to have some one here to talk to even if it's only for an hour or so.It gets very lonely and pretty depressing.I have no one that comes around to see me.I really don't have any friends to speak of.My best friend is from Wisconsin.I have not gotten to see him in several years.Not since i first moved back home here to Illinois from Wisconsin.Well folks that's all for now.


  1. I am hoping you get your nurse soon. Sorry you don't have many people to come and see you and talk to you dang only if you lived in Milwaukee we would surely hang out I don't have any crochet friends here in Milwaukee all knitting friends but, shoot I get tired of seeing them working on the same pair of socks ever week lol. Want to hang out with some crocheters. Good luck on all your furture projects. :)

  2. Hi Crochet 4 Charity,

    I was looking to see if there is someone that i can get the pattern for the aggie may r r pattern and i read you sked her permission to print the pattern out. I sure would love to have the pattern i want to make this r r for my new nephew. I appreciated very much if you can get me the pattern for me to print. Thank You