Monday, January 28, 2008

Rageddy Ann and Andy Afghan

I am just about done with the trim on baby Elise's baby blanket.One side of the trim to go.I played around with several different stitches to get a ruffly look to it.I finally decided on chaining 3 then single crochet repeat.The little loops when done in clusters of 3 or 4 make it look ruffly.It's not quite what i had in mind,but it looks cute i think.I still want to try to sit down and make a blanket with that sweet stripes yarn and i will play around a bit more with the edging and see if i can't get it the way i want it to look.Have you ever had a picture in your head of something that you just couldn't put into words ?That's pretty much what this is like.

Anyways,I got a Raggedy Ann & Andy Afghan kit at Hobby Lobby awhile back when i first started to learn to crochet.I had totally forgotten about it.While trying to go through my yarn " stash" to figure out what i could let go of and possible sell on ebay to help pay for some of my medical expenses. I came across the bag where it was still in it.I got a heck of a deal on the kit.It normally sold for over $40.00 but i got it on clearance for $10.00! The yarn is worth more than that.

Anyways,so i decided that i would make it for myself as my "Me project " i have been promising to make myself for fun.I had promised my self awhile back but just never could get myself to pick out a pattern.(guess it goes back to that feeling guilty for taking time out to do something for me.) I didn't realize when i bought it that it's a graph pattern.Not that it would have mattered at the time i was so new to crochet when i bought it that i wouldn't have known what a graph ghan was.

I'm a bit nervous about it since i tend to have a problem with keeping my stitches all lined up of course theres the making sure i keep count properly, but it's easy stitches simple Single crochet for the most part.til the end of the pattern then i will be learning some new skills such as the reverse Single crochet,and making and sewing blocks together.

I will try to post pictures as my work progresses.

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