Thursday, January 24, 2008

Knitting Machine

Well just when i was about to give up i finally figured out how to get my knitting machine threaded and ready to start using.Now i just need to practice a bit more with scrap yarn to get down the right tension.I must say the instructions it came with are lousy.If it were not for a video i found through some ladies in a yahoo group i joined i would have never figured this thing out.There are still some things i need to ask about such as once i am done with what ever i decide to make with it,how do i "bind" off etc.but i hope that with a little help from the ladies of the yahoo group i should figure it all out.

I think i will work on some scarves for the scarf challenge for crafting for a cause first since i think doing it this way will hopefully go much faster then i could do by hand .Then once i get them done and out of the way i may try making a couple of hats to get the hang of how to bind off a hat so i can try maybe making a one piece hat scarf combo for myself like i have been wanting to make.I only wish that there were more patterns included in the instruction book or available online.It's kinda like you are all on your own.

Baby Elise (my sons friends baby)was born yesterday.She is a couple of weeks early but you sure wouldn't know it .she is so round and cute! I finished her second blanket finally.I just need to figure out how i want to crochet the edges.I will try to remember to take a picture of it before i get it ready to ship out.

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