Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pictures of Projects I've been working On

Well i finally got around to taking some pictures of the projects I've been working on.Here's the one of the "candy" soaps i did.I really like the way they came out.So i made some more.The chocolate hearts are the first ones i did.The other's are the second batch i did,Which i experimented a bit more.The chocolate hearts were done using the instructions from craft magazine and the rest came from various Internet sites i found.Thought i had bookmarked the site , but i guess not which kinda stinks because i would love to make some more for gifts.Oh well I'm sure if i look hard enough i could find it again.Sorry about the glare on some of them.I decided to wrap them in saran wrap since some of them are going to be going in the basket in my bath room for the "Guests only" i didn't want them to get chipped up or anything and wanted to keep them nice until some one uses them .
Here is the picture of the "pink cammo" Blanket i am working on for my niece.It was supposed to be done for Christmas but there was no way i was going to be able to get it done on time having been in the hospital for several weeks in November and was so deathly ill there was no way i could work on it while i was in there.I didn't feel much better when i got home for several weeks either.anyways.I have been working on it a little here and there.It wasn't supposed to be as big as it is turning out to be.(it will likely turn out to fit at least a full size bed)

but This was one of the first "full size" afghan patterns i tried and not understanding much about "gauge" in a pattern i just went with the size hook the pattern called for.Had i known better of how to measure for gauge i would have realized i should have went WAY down in hook size.LOL oh well.I also have had to run all over to look for skeins of this yarn as i quickly ran out of yarn with the fact that i was using far too big of a hook and so therefor it used up quickly the amount of yarn the pattern called for.

When i went back to the store i originally found the yarn at they told me that the color had been discontinued.DISCONTINUED??!! Gasp!! I panicked now what was i to do? Well i scoured all the stores in my area and couldn't find it.Thank goodness Paul found it in a Hobby lobby store on his lunch hour one day.which i thought was pretty sweet of him I don't know too many guys who would go scouring craft stores for yarn.LOL

well Anyways, I had him buy every skein of this yarn they had.since i have no clue how much it's gonna take.He thought i was absolutely nuts! I have probally 30 skeins of the yarn.I also made him pick up that solid hot pink and matching "cammo brown that you see stripes of.I decided that The design of the cammo yarn while cute was a little too busy and needed something to break it up a bit.I know the 30 skeins is probably way too much yarn even for a blanket that may turn out to fit a full size bed. but i wasn't taking any chances and i figure i will either make something out of the left overs or i will sell the left overs on eBay as it seemed to be such a popular color.I still can't believe they discontinued the color already.It had only been out a couple of months.I hate that.

I still need to get my butt in gear and decide on a pattern for my son's cammo blanket and get working on it.He's been patiently waiting on it for some time now.I just can't find a "manly" pattern that i like.Plus i don't think it gets all that cold in West Virginia as it does here.Not sure on that one though.I want it to be something he will get allot of use out of . not just a month or two in the winter.

I asked him to pick out a pattern when he was here.He picked a really hard pattern though that is way above my skills right now. Not that i didn't try to make it.I just couldn't figure it out.

I am just about done with the baby afghan for his female friend though i forgot to take a picture of it so i guess that can wait til i am finished with it.I figure if i stay at it i will be done with it by the end of the weekend if all goes well.


  1. I though your soaps were real candy! They look delicious.
    The pink camouflage blanket looks very nice. I have a pink camo in the works but is currently hibernating. Can't wait to see the blanket all done!

  2. I like the blanket so far, and the camo pink is my favorite........I am not sure if its been discontinued, my local wal-mart stores have just started carrying them......and when i called Hobby Lobby to see if they carried it since i was on my way there....they said it was a new yarn and they had sold out of their first shipment and were waiting on another hopefully whoever told you was mistaken, I would hate to think my favorite yarn is going bye bye