Sunday, January 13, 2008

You say New years resolution .. I say To Do List..

So every one is making "new years Resolutions" I have thought allot about that this year.I make "resolutions" every year and usually i forget about them only a short time later.I don't think i take these "resolutions" seriously.I guess it's just something i thought of as some Corney tradition.
So this year i think i will take a different out look on the whole thing.I have sat down and made a bit of a "To do list" instead.I have always been a List maker.I think i get this from my mom.(oh lord i AM turning into my mother.. it's the curse.. LOL) Anyways.I think if i look at it this way i may actually get something accomplished! so here goes.....

My 2008 To Do List

1.Get down to goal weight of 130 pounds (no i'm not fessing up to exactly how many pounds i need to loose,just what i want to weigh LOL)

2.Stash bust!!! (for those of you who don't crochet or knitt this means use up my HUGE stash of yarn before buying any more yarn)

3.Complete UFO's (again for you non-threadies,UFO's are not the flying kind (giggles) it stands for Un-finished-objects)

4.Try my best to make at least one item for my various charities and mail them out.

5.Be brave and start trying out "harder" patterns.

6.Learn to make baby booties,bonnets,Chemo hats,round ripple afghans.

7.Maintain This blog on a regular basis.

8.R.O.A.K as many people on crochetville as possible.(Random Act Of Kindness.,On the ville ,people can have wish lists and if you are able you send pick some one and send them something off of there list as a "fairy god mother" anonymously)

Well that's about it.I will try to keep you all updated as i achieve my "goals"

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