Saturday, January 12, 2008

Latest projects

Well i have Made some of the home made "valentines" soap i had mentioned in my previous post.I think it came out pretty good.It smells so yummy! I used cocoa as the scent since they are for valentines day.I like the way they came out so well i may make some more for "The guests only little basket i want to put together for the bathroom.I want to make some fancy face cloths,hand towels,etc for the basket.I may buy some more molds besides the heart shaped ones i got for valentines day.I'll have to see what i can find.

I also have been working on a baby afghan design of my own.I am using Bernat baby coordinates sweet stripes i think is the name of the yarn.It's a purple and white yarn.I had never used this yarn before,i had actually planned to use this yarn to make a couple of patterns i had seen in this months crochet magazines i had picked up.but that didn't work out as this is the kind of yarn i would call "fragile" and you definitely have to be careful in my opinion with the size hook you use.

So i decided to make up my own pattern.Or try to anyways.LOL what i decided i wanted to do was to use Half Double crochet,and make some bobble stitches throughout,i would like to make a ruffly edging when I'm through.That is if i can figure out how to do that.I have seen others who have done that with the edges of there ghans and i love it.It may take a bit of time to figure it out, but that's OK.

I also have been slowly working on finishing my nieces blanket that i had intended on having finished by Christmas until i had wound up in the hospital for so long in November.That really threw me behind on my time schedule i had allowed my self to get things done.I want to get hers finished up so i can get going on her mom's Chicago cubs blanket.

I have a hard time working on "full size blankets as i find my self getting over whelmed some times and "bored" i guess that's maybe why i like making baby ghans so much.They seem to go so much faster.

I finished a loofah for myself , but want to make some matching facecloths and hand towels to match.I'm a little disappointed with the loofah.I don't know why ,but it didn't come out as well as the other ones i have made did.but that's OK it still will serve it's function. LOL.I used the loofah pattern that's listed in the "pattern links" section on my blog "home page" Still haven't tackled that back scrubber pattern, but think i may once i get caught up a little on other projects i want to get finished.

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  1. WOW!!! I am your little sister but if I was your big sister I would be
    little in the shadow of all that
    you have and are accomplisihng with your life.I read what you wrote about being disabled and to those of you who don't know Dawn or haven't known her long she's amazing!I never have nor do I
    currenlty see her as disabled. The reason is not that she isn't, it's that even though she is, you don't notice because of all the things she has been and is able to do. And one of the most inspiring things about her is she never lays down & wallows in what she can't do but instead gets up and shows me and the world what she can do.
    I am very proud of you and the work you put into this & all the wonderful things you make.Love, Christie